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Unity, now on Arch

Author: Rudra Saraswat

Attention Arch users! The wait is over - Unity 7.6 is finally here, and it's ready to rock your desktop. So go ahead and update your system, because it's time to get your Unity on!

Unity 7.6 is now available for Arch Linux! We’ve ported all of the Unity packages in the Ubuntu repositories, including unity-control-center, unity-settings-daemon, compiz with the Ubuntu patches, nux, unity-greeter and unity-tweak-tool among others.

Installing Unity on Arch Linux

  1. Add the repository key to the pacman keyring:
curl https://unity.ruds.io/repo.key | sudo pacman-key --add -
sudo pacman-key --lsign-key 3FB6809130A5DB7F
  1. Insert the following lines right above [community] in /etc/pacman.conf:
SigLevel = Required DatabaseOptional
Server = https://unity.ruds.io/arch-unity
  1. Install Unity (no helper needs to be installed):
sudo sh -c "pacman -Syyu; pacman -S unity-meta"
  1. Switch to LightDM as the default display manager after disabling the current display manager:
sudo systemctl enable --now lightdm
  1. Voila! You should now see Unity in the session list, and be able to log into it.


  • Some packages, such as appmenu-gtk-module are known to cause some apps to break under Unity.


You can help contribute to the packaging at https://gitlab.com/Unity-for-Arch.

Credits: This port is based on an earlier effort, Unity-for-Arch by chenxiaolong (maintained from 2011-2016). I would also like to thank 3v1n0, mitya57 and c4pp4 for their help in this journey.